Now that you've seen the whole Reseda storyline:
As an original character, how much of a Mary Sue do you think Reseda is? [1191 votes total]

Not at all! She's a well-developed OC. (139)
A great character with a few Sue-ish traits. (283)
Eh . . . I'm on the fence. (177)
She's very Sue-ish, but has redeeming qualities. (127)
She's a complete Sue. Tsk, tsk. (119)
I don't actually have an opinion, but I like to vote! ^_^ (346)

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Posted By: XaeKiN

Posted On: Jul 8, 2010
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not w=quite a mary sue

She's not quite a mary sue. Vampires (i.e. undead who aren't reanimated corpses, but self maintaining creatures) are supposed to get stronger with age. It still seems a little weird that she could hold her own against Dracula himself. (sorry for the spoilers, fans who didn't finish the series.) aside from that, though, she's developed out of it, and while powerful, is a solid character for the most part.

Posted By: NoLifeKing66

Posted On: Sep 2, 2007
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Reseda's most Sue-ish traits are her outfit (an exact copy of Alucard's, albeit green), her prior acquaintance with Alucard (which easily and automatically incorporates her into Hellsing canon), and her powers (which are of the same nature and level as Alucard's).

I'll grant you that Reseda is True Undead and a much older vampire than the ones Alucard usually fights, but Alucard has been enhanced by the Hellsing family to be the perfect weapon for use in battle against any Undead. If you want Reseda to provide him with a challenge, I suggest you do it through some means other than making her incredibly powerful (perhaps by.

I also think you should give her more unique abilities and a more developed back story (such as how a girl born on the Isle of Man could become a type of Bengali vampire). Her basic design isn't bad, but you should change her eye color, and definitely give her a new outfit.

She's only appeared twice in Shine, and her most recent appearance (in "Body Swap of the Invaders") was already much better. I'm sure you can make her into a really great character.

Posted By: mrrout

Posted On: Jun 5, 2007
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english is not my first language and i really would like to know what this "mary-sue" story is

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