Godfather II Improvement
Which would most improve Godfather II? [1161 votes total]

The Chinese mafia comes out of nowhere and karate chops Michael in the neck. (80)
Giant disco mafia aliens show up and dance all over the cities wrecking everything. (26)
Brando comes back as a zombie and eats Michael then eats himself. (83)
Michael gambles away the family business in one poker game and he has to go work at the Olive Garden. (124)
Deniro gains all his respect not thru violence but by chugging quarts of olive oil at the local carnival for dimes. (15)
Abe Vigoda surprises everyone with his bionic superpowers and extra large penis. (94)
Frank Pentangeli leaves the family for a sitcom involving an ex-goobah who's now in witness protection. (3)
Instead of a horse head they put a live horse in the bed with that guy. (28)
Coppola has a cameo as a superhero with no superpowers. (6)
All the families call a truce and go on a wacky vacation in Cancun. (24)
Italian chicks covered in pasta dance in between scenes. (101)
Dath Vadar swings by and applies for a job in the mafia and they make him clean up around the place like Spider from Goodfellas. (89)
It's in 3D. (77)
The Corleone family take the advice of Tom Hagen and invest everything to build a satellite to spy on their enemies but it doesn't work and only picks up Channel 7 and they throw Tom Hagen in the garbage. (8)
Fredo doesn't break Michael's heart and they go fishing and make out. (15)
Kay has a baby and it's a full grown Japanese girl. (47)
All of the above. (83)
My offer is this: nothing. (258)

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