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Posted By: j.rahul

Posted On: Aug 7, 2006
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hi, anirudh

hi anirudh,

keep up the good work.We both were there
in the Tata Crucible finals.Yours was a
good performance.We (Vizag Steel) could have done better.Missed out on a couple of easy
questions.See you then,


Posted By: galdi burger

Posted On: Mar 4, 2006
Views: 3198
your quiz

What on earth are you lot on about.... muppets get a life do something different for god's (oops) sake!

Posted By: ameya

Posted On: Nov 3, 2005
Views: 3412
kudos to u

Answering a quiz is lot many times better, irrespective of the difficulty level; but compiling a quiz is a really tuf task. my heart felt thanks to you for providing such lovely quiz, weak after weak. Keep the gr8 work goin

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