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Posted On: Jun 6, 2013
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Final notes

I've put a new poll on the front page, so this is the last thing I'll say here ^_^

If I were doing anything illegal, I would be the first to say: by all means, turn me in. If I were selling Hirano's material, or something derived from it, that would be akin to plagiarism - which you all know I don't like. I'm fine with my own stuff being copied and passed around, but I want the credit.

That's why there's a disclaimer at the bottom of every page naming Hirano-san as creator of Hellsing. That's why this fancomic, like any fanfic, is completely and totally free. Always has been. Always will be.

If you have something more to say to me about this and it honestly hasn't been said in this argument before, there's always email.

May you all live in happy times ^_^

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