How many Dog Shows do you enter each year
On an average, How many dog shows do you enter each year? (Conformation, agility, obedience, etc) [6 votes total]

I don't show my dogs at all (0)
I like to go and watch dog shows, but don't have a dog to show myself at this time (1)
I have a dog that is waiting to mature, and then I will show more often (3)
I use handlers for all of my showing needs, and send the dogs out on the circuts with them (0)
I am on a limited budget, I can only show at 10 shows or less each year (0)
I show at most of the shows held local within a 2 hour drive (2)
I show at least 2 weekends a month (0)
I am a show'n fool, I show most every weekend, sometimes 3 to 4 days each weekend (0)

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Posted By: nickkkolas

Posted On: May 31, 2011
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yea neat,
i'm new here...
nice 2 look over that posts.