Do you watch videos on your Treo (movies/TV shows)? [285 votes total]

Yes - Often (80)
Yes - Sometimes (85)
No - I tried but didn't like it (14)
No - Never tried (106)

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Posted By: alan siegel

Posted On: Sep 2, 2005
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size for nero movie files

the temptation to watch a movie on my 650 was too great not to try this. but at the default setting (approx the size of a 80min cd) you can really get no more than 2 movies on a 2 gb card. anybody experimented with the lower video quality? by the way, the screen may be tiny, but it is a great picture and the sound is amazing!


Posted By: PoohBear

Posted On: Aug 25, 2005
Views: 3832
Mac solution

Looks like there are varied ways. If anyone has access to a Mac, I highly recommend Handbrake. It rips and encodes straight from the DVD. Very simple, very fast.

Posted By: mr. odoul

Posted On: Aug 24, 2005
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dr. divx

I've been using dr. divx along with an ati tv wonder card for quite awhile now to record tv for playback on the treo. The ati wonder card tivos whatever I want, and I then encode at a rate of 110 megs per hour with dr. divx, yielding about 7 hrs of video per 1 gig sd card. Its very simple and works flawlessly.

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