Ki nyeri meg a 2006-os világbajnokságot? [3752 votes total]

Argentína (269)
Brazilia (1328)
Franciaország (181)
Németország (338)
Anglia (322)
Olaszország (807)
Chile (22)
Paraguay (10)
Portugália (257)
Egyéb más csapat (218)

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Posted By: DrBathori

Posted On: Jun 26, 2006
Views: 3233
Disgusting arbitration

Dear Presidency of FIFA !
Until this day I was an "every-day spectator" of the most important event of football (soccer)
The Wold Championship from Germany.
In the beginnig I hope : the frustrating jury of referees in some games is occassionaly.
But in the game USA- Italy , Portugal-Holland and today Italy-Austratlia is evident the conclusion for me: its impossible to be correct winner in this Championship the referees activity is disgusting the first 4 must be :Germany , Argentina , Brasil and Spain.
In this context i declare the sabotage of watching the World Championship of Germany and
I make an action in my milieu to follow me other football supporters.
Yours sincerely,
Dr.Gabor Bathori