The Kitten Poll
Should I go back to the airport to get the lighter? [46 votes total]

Uh, yeah. It's a lighter. Covered in kittens. (29)
Uh, no. It's a disposable lighter. Fuggedaboutit. (0)
See if it's there the next time you go to the airport (likely sometime in 2006). (2)
Con someone else into picking it up for you (9)
Spend the $ you would have spent on gas to get out there on rum instead (6)

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Posted By: Brandon

Posted On: Sep 29, 2005
Views: 1410
In class?

The internet can't detect sarcasm. Please explain.

Posted By: None-yer

Posted On: Sep 27, 2005
Views: 1415
Con Mom

You must convince your Mom how much you miss it. Then you should be able to get her to make the trip. We discussed it today in class for over 5 min.

Posted By: Danimal

Posted On: Sep 21, 2005
Views: 1463
You must get it back!

My own broke on the laundry room floor as I was emptying pockets of dirty jeans. Considering how hard it is to transport lighters via air travel (well, you just have to check them), yours may be the only one in the States! Also: it's refillable.
Also also: gas station outside Reims, not subway station in Paris.