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What exactly is Snow White doing in that photo? [20 votes total]

She's hungover and about to puke. (2)
She's actually an actress in a student art film. (4)
She's filming a segment for a Japanese travel show. The trashcan is actually a talking robot. (5)
She's trying to mate with it. (1)
She's a model in a guerilla photo spread for Maxim. (2)
She's a cyborg from the future out to stop the trashcan, another cyborg, from killing Governor Schwarzenegger. (3)
A prankster obviously glued her face to it. (2)
The evil queen tricked her again but this time she slipped into a coma in a crowded theme park. (1)

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Posted By: Brandon

Posted On: Oct 8, 2005
Views: 1172

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I changed it on the main page but I can't figure out how to fix it here. Just roll with it.

Posted By: WWB

Posted On: Oct 7, 2005
Views: 1162

As you said, obviously.