Pinmonkey Is...
After reading the script, do you think the Pinmonkey character is [60 votes total]

Blinded by love (23)
Mentally ill (21)
A cold psycho (4)
Full of mystery (12)

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Posted By: Ashley M McDonald

Posted On: Jun 2, 2006
Views: 1525
Pure Greatness

I first seen this little flick the other week. I think it has to be one of the greatest thing i have ever seen, and that includes the worlds largest ball of yarn!!! Meredith is the bestest!!!! We should boycott to keep her here in Oshkosh!!!

Posted By: J. Jackson

Posted On: Nov 16, 2005
Views: 1762
Cast does not represent America

I was chagrined and horrified that this cast does not represent a rainbow coalition of America.

Posted By: concerned parent

Posted On: Nov 16, 2005
Views: 1768
pinmonkey title

I am a teen-age single mother of twin 3 year old girls and one 5 year old boy and I am worried about the misleading title of this production. When I first head about this motion picture, I assumed the movie would be similar to the hellraiser series where pandora's box is opened to unlock an acient evil ghost monkey with pin needles stuck all over it's face. The monkey would terrorize whomever opened the box with visions of grotesque monsters tearing apart the flesh of the living and sending their souls to the darkest, deepest, pits of hell for an after life of misery and the tired comedy of Gary Schandling. I am a parent and demand wholesome quality entertainment for my younglings and if up and coming directors like you, Mr. Ziegler taint the industry with with this misleading hog wash, then I will boycott movies, tv, raidio, and waffels forever!
god have mercy on your soul!

love, Santa Claws.