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Posted By: georgey

Posted On: Aug 30, 2011
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the sentinel tv show

please,enough it has been so much time since the season one. i have it all memorized. am going to have to buy another set before mine wears out. we need seasons 2-4. and i want extras on them, interviews,outtakes etc. there is no doubt they will be bought. it was a great series.

Posted By: Mary

Posted On: Jun 7, 2011
Views: 2592
The sentinel dvds

Is the case over yet??? I just saw a marathon of TS on SyFy about a week ago. Can we have the rest of the series on dvd now????????????????? Please.

Posted By: Mary

Posted On: Feb 27, 2011
Views: 2651
The Sentinel

I don't understand why u can't put this out on dvd. All the good series' are out on dvd. I promise to buy the rest of it. I already have season 1.
Waiting to get the rest of the series.

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