My Current PSB Survey
What is your early general impression of the Pet Shop Boys' new EP, Agenda? [618 votes total]

I wouldn't call it "brilliant," but it's good, and I'm quite pleased with it. (214)
It's OK, not bad, but certainly not top-notch PSB. (134)
I think it's brilliant! (123)
In general, I'm not very fond of it. (36)
It's a real mixed bag. Some of the songs are great, but others aren't very good. (33)
I don't like it at all, and I find it extremely disappointing. (26)
I think it's lyrically good, but musically weak. (16)
I can't say because I haven't heard it yet. (15)
I think it's musically good, but lyrically weak. (14)
I have a very different opinion from any of those described above. (7)
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