This Week's PSB Survey
What, in your opinion, has been the "Pet Shop Boys highlight" of 2018? [307 votes total]

The reissue of the first six PSB studio albums ("Catalogue"), remastered, with their Further Listening bonus discs (130)
The publication of Neil's book "One Hundred Lyrics and a Poem" (62)
The four-night return engagement in July of their "Inner Sanctum" show at London's Royal Opera House (58)
The Summer 2018 Super Tour shows in Europe (25)
Something else not mentioned here (9)
PSB featured in the Dior Homme Summer 2018 campaign (9)
The publication of Annually 2018 (8)
The U.S. premiere of their ballet "The Most Incredible Thing" (6)
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TopicRepliesViewsStarted ByDate
Something Else157PaulDecember 28th
ONE HUNDRED BOOK ~ BUY IT!189Bill BahlmanDecember 27th
Vinyl1117Daniel B.December 24th
Watching - It couldn’t happen here at the cinema. 0125Mike RawlingDecember 23rd
Something Else1133Thomas RosenbergerDecember 23rd
Worst Year Ever!3231Rupert J Pembleton (The Forth)December 23rd
Something else!5192Robert SchulzDecember 23rd
Not really something else either1179MartijnDecember 23rd
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