Holiday Special
Vote for the crappiest IMG NYC high fashion "model" [251 votes total]

Carolyn Murphy (22)
Guinevere V S (3)
Sasha P (13)
Lily Cole (20)
Carolyn Murphy in home sex movie (19)
I hate Ivan Bart (2)
I love Ivan Bart (2)
I think this is a shitty poll !!! (41)
Amanda Moore (13)
Carolyn Murphy on cover of SI Swimsuit (14)
Freja (14)
Eco-friendly Angie Lindvall (14)
Hilary Rhoda (10)
Kate Moss (37)
DNA mods are even crappier (27)

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Posted By: hautecouture

Posted On: Jan 22, 2007
Views: 3233
Freja "FrankenTeen" Beha

Freja Beha has a neaderthal forehead , I guess this is what "edgy" is these days, to look like a young Tranny who has not completed all the treatments and is not finished with her transformation.

Posted By: Nadia

Posted On: Apr 8, 2006
Views: 3288
Bitchy Models

ugh lily cole, i am done with...shes a little fill in the blank...i love adriana but in her gq interview...yea a bit defensive and derogatory..well w/e opinions are opinions and those are mine. who else do you guys think are bitchy models?