How many of these Shine features were you aware of? [2477 votes total]

The oekaki board (298)
The forum (235)
Lyrics Naki World (316)
LJ community erin_fans (165)
The Case for AxI (394)
The FAQ (381)
Scanlations (290)
Fanfiction (217)
Cameo contest (181)

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Posted By: StrangeSingaporean

Posted On: Jan 26, 2006
Views: 2350

Oh, right. Silly me...

Posted By: Erin the Integra Fangirl

Posted On: Jan 18, 2006
Views: 2426

If you look at the original poll on the front page, every feature is linked to the page ^_^

Posted By: StrangeSingaporean

Posted On: Jan 17, 2006
Views: 2446
Didn't know...

Three of 'em I didn't know of. The fanfiction, Cameo contest and erin_fans LJ community.

May I know where to find the fanfics?

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