Sportsman of the Year - 2005
Which of the following boys do you consider Sportsman of the Year 2005? [70 votes total]

Eric Goloe, talented winger of the national champion football team who was the sole representative of Ghana at the World Youth Athletics because he is "Ghana's fastest youth." (41)
Paul Manu, who made the Ashanti football team as a mere form one boy and won the Most Valuable Player of the Soccer League (4)
Martin Osei Nyarko, former captain of Prempeh during our great run to the championship and who's now been offered a deal to join King Faisal in the premier league (8)
Stephen Okei, talented defender who ensured safety in the back in the Milo football competition (0)
Ahmed Amoako, National Footballer of the Year 2005, who was very dominant in the game last year (3)
Atiso, winner of the "Ashanti Best Athlete Award" of the Year 2005 who won the 1500m gold medal for Ashanti in the Inter-Regional Games (5)
Eben Asuming Dankwah, Goal King of the Soccer League, who scored 10 goals in 8 matches and became the striker for our 2006 Milo campaign. His goals-per-chances ratio is strikingly similar to England's Michael Owen, who needs just one touch to score. (6)
Other (3)

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Posted By: sammmm

Posted On: Sep 5, 2006
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God bless u

u are ****

Posted By: douglas nyame

Posted On: Mar 15, 2006
Views: 3791
god bless mr lartey

good job mr lartey and the his boys for a good work done.
may god bless u mr lartey and keep it up!!

Posted By: lilstengo

Posted On: Mar 8, 2006
Views: 3686
beware amanfoo guys

mmrantee guys are on their way to you school for loving the k'gee girls.stick to adehyee and not the PROSTITUTES.

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