Your Idols (Actors)
Who ranks among your favourite actors? [542 votes total]

Bobby Au-Yeung (31)
Bosco Wong (55)
Chilam Cheung (41)
Ekin Cheng (5)
Frankie Lam (13)
Felix Wong (2)
Gallen Lo (15)
Joe Ma (7)
Kenneth Ma (6)
Kevin Cheng (31)
Louis Koo (29)
Marco Ngai (1)
Michael Miu (10)
Moses Chan (23)
Nick Cheung (6)
Raymond Lam (115)
Roger Kwok (14)
Ron Ng (60)
Sammul Chan (4)
Steven Ma (13)
Sunny Chan (0)
Wong Hei (8)
Bowie Lam (49)
Damian Lau (2)
Lawrence Ng (2)

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Posted By: Moon

Posted On: Jan 31, 2006
Views: 2530
Actually, bowie is on the list

OK, OK, calm down, lol. Bowie is on the list, but he's kind of near the bottom so you have to scroll down, so maybe some bowie fans couldn't see his name and got mad coz they couldn't vote for him. Yeah, so next time, look carefully. Perhaps it's better for the list to be done in alphabetical order, that should make it easier for ppl to find names.

Posted By: Lucky

Posted On: Jan 31, 2006
Views: 2521
Hello, where is Bowie???!!!???!!!???!!!!

I'm totally shocked that you didn't have bowie on the list. I think it's a fact that Bowie is one of the most talented actors in TVB. In fact, he's definitely the 2nd brother after Roger, with shows like WAB and DOP coming up, and winning the TVB award, I'm absolutely outraged that he's not on the list.

Can you pls provide a good explanation that bowie isn't on the list. Just check the results at TVB square and stuff, bowie is always no.1. If you didn't have enough space, then take one of the other actors off, many of the others are far behind bowie in terms of ranking within TVB, no. of awards, popularity, etc.

Anyway, just wanted to say that I'm very disappionted with this vote, I wanted to vote for bowie who is my no.1 fave actor and unfortunately I can't even vote for him.

Very very unhappy, upset and outraged!!!!!

Posted By: Ellie

Posted On: Jan 22, 2006
Views: 2431
Favourite actors

If I do one for the ladies, it's not fair to leave the guys out! Again, multiple votes for different actors are ok.

Who do you pine for? Who do you worship? Again, he might not be TVB's hottest star (he might not even be with TVB anymore). Who do you love?

(Apologies if I've missed out any actors. Leave me a comment, and I'll see if I can fit him in)