Snow De-Improvement
What would make snow most horrible? [1087 votes total]

All flakes give off bloodcurdling death screams all the way down. (129)
Each flake is made of lava (153)
If you get hit by a flake, you get mumps on your butt. (33)
As soon as a flake hits the ground it steals your car and does donuts until it's all messed up. (22)
Each flake makes an egg fart when it hits the ground. (112)
All snowmen will immediately turn on their creator and attack. Then they'll organize and rampage. (40)
Snow spells out your darkest secrets on your lawn. (166)
If you throw a snowball it'll smash in your car windshield even if your car is 100 miles away. (4)
The flakes all have cellphones and they gab away to each other about how cold it is non-stop. (72)
No snow flakes. Only snow boulders filled with soda cans. (25)
All of the none of the below the above. (47)
This poll is probably the worst ever! (110)
My cat's breath smells like cat food. (174)

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