Music Preference
What is your favorite music to dance to [151 votes total]

Hip Hop (44)
Reggae (6)
Modern Rock (19)
Classic Rock (22)
80s (37)
Old School Hip Hop (3)
Techno (6)
Disco (6)
R&B Dance (8)

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Posted By: LiLi

Posted On: Sep 5, 2006
Views: 2637

I'm totally in agreement with obscure. I think i was bitter with local venues due to the fact of the horrible transitions such as sean paul to skynard. Nothin' like starting up a sweat and gettin' into the music and then some song of a completely different genre comes on and ruins the mood. The goal is to keep people moving! You are never going to appeal to everyone, but almost everyone will dance to upbeat music. Also i agree about not playing the same songs every single time - crowd pleaser or not. I can't hear "Summer of '69" or "Friends theme song" or "Had a bad day song" or "My lumps" ever again without cringing. No more "Grease" songs either please. Its to the point where they have been overplayed for not months but years, and after so many times, they lose any kind of luster - even if they are your favorite songs. I'm saying the 90s dance & hip hop is where its at right now.

Posted By: obscure

Posted On: Aug 30, 2006
Views: 2645
the music mix

Using one specific genre of music in a town where good clubs are at a premuim is pretty tough. Just playin hip-hop, techno, or rock really slims down your crowd. I've been to clubs in Philly, Chicago, Charlotte, and Dallas. The most successful clubs play a variety of music with three things in common. 1)It's got to be upbeat- ANYTHING is dance-able if it's got a thumpin beat. 2) Smooth transitions- Nothins worse than gettin busy with a lady to Sean Paul when the DJ suddenly throws in Skynard! 3) Stop repeating the same songs! There's a million songs to choose from and DJ Ray plays the same 30 every week.
I think Goodfellas is doin a great thing here. I just hope DJ Ray fixes the problems with his entertainment venue.

Posted By: LiLi

Posted On: Aug 24, 2006
Views: 2651

I agree that a club should be a CLUB! Any local bar has 80s, classic rock, etc with their local bands and jukeboxes, but there is NO WHERE local (without a gaurenteed DUI) that has club music (not techno, dance, etc - I was a raver for a few and it sadly died out except for Philly-sorry!) such as recent hits, hip hop, reggaeton, and any crazy mixes or 90s dance/hip-hop. We need a weekend night life for people in their up-to-date 20s & 30s who aren't "tight-jeans rockin'- stuck in the 80s b/c they don't like change bores" because every bar from Shamokin to Orwicksburg has the classic rock, its about time for something different. PLEASE!

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