Harry Potter Ending
What would be the worst ending for the Harry Potter series? [1444 votes total]

Harry Potter eats a bad mushroom and keels. The end. (48)
Harry Potter goes over to the dark side and freezes the world. The end. (44)
Harry Potter gets in a bar fight and loses an eye. The end. (25)
Hagrid turns into a giant giant and gets drunk and falls over on the school. The end. (27)
Harry punches Voldermort in the stomach and Voldermort pukes up the black goo. The end. (36)
A blodger smashes Harry in the face and it goes through his whole head. The end. (32)
The whole thing was Dudley Dursley's dream and he's really a superhero. The end. (52)
The fraggles from Fraggle Rock come and hold everyone hostage while they eat all the food. The end. (124)
Prince comes and plays a super long guitar solo and everyone gets bored and just goes home. The end. (61)
Hermoine casts a bad spell and it turns everyone into tree stumps and then a dog comes and pees on everyone one by one. The end. (38)
Harry Potter goes into the library and sees the Harry Potter books and freaks out. The end. (256)
Terminator and Predator and Alien come and they take over and run the school. The end. (98)
A dragon comes and mashes everyone. The end. (22)
Harry makes a baby with Hermoine and the baby is a devil child. The end. (248)
Don't mess with Harry Potter. The end. (178)
This poll is terrible. The end. (155)

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