The Best TVB Themesong
Which is your favourite Charmaine Sheh's series themesong? [2570 votes total]

Time Off (Andy Hui) (25)
The Flying Fox Of The Snowy Mountain 1999 (Jacky Cheung) (81)
Detective Investigation Files IV (Edmund Leung) (52)
Crimson Sabre (Hacken Lee) (40)
The Heaven Sword And Dragon Sabre 2000 (Lawrence Ng) (60)
Return Of The Cuckoo (Chilam Cheung) (166)
A Herbalist Affair (Andy Hui & Flora Chan) (125)
The White Flame (Miriam Yeung) (58)
Country Spirit (Jacky Cheung & Kit Chan) (125)
Seven Sisters (Gallen Lo & Bondy Chiu) (78)
Perish In The Name Of Love (Steven Ma & Charmaine Sheh) (260)
Witness To A Prosecution II (Eason Chan) (63)
Point Of No Return (Chilam Cheung) (229)
The Voyage Of Emperor Qianlong (Benny Chan) (36)
War And Beauty (Bowie Lam) (99)
Always Ready (EKin Cheng) (73)
Food For Life (Raymond Lam, Kevin Cheng, Charmaine Sheh, Tavia Yeung) (196)
Food For Life - Sub (Kevin Cheng) (105)
Lethal Weapons Of Love And Passion (Raymond Lam) (249)
The Dance Of Passion (Bowie Lam) (88)
The Dance Of Passion - Sub (Charmaine Sheh) (362)

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Posted By: Roxanne

Posted On: Dec 4, 2009
Views: 3258
Wonderful Charmaine

She is so beautiful, wonderful and awesome. She is the best among all. She is very talented in her acting. Do not border about what people said about you. Continue with your good work and do your best. All the best in your future undertakings. May God bless you.

Posted By: huangkell

Posted On: Nov 15, 2009
Views: 3290
Charmaine Sheh pairing with...

I think she should pair up with Raymond Lam, Kevin Cheng, Bosco Wong, Chi Lam, or Sammul Chan in future tvb dramas! I hope so...she's best actress and hope she recieve this year "best actress"!

Posted By: Carlos

Posted On: Jun 28, 2008
Views: 3891
Big suprise @ Charmaine

I really don't know Charmaine can sing a song, but when I listen The Dance Of Passion and some other songs by her voice. I can't believe it because It's so amazing! Keep going, Charmaine. And now I want to be a fan of you.

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