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Survey, because I'm curious: How old are you? [1029 votes total]

Under 10 (8)
10-13 (53)
14-15 (156)
16-18 (365)
19-21 (235)
22-30 (171)
31-40 (19)
Over 40 (8)
I'd rather not say (14)

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Posted By: Michael Dykes

Posted On: Jun 11, 2006
Views: 2885
entertainment, an end and a means...

Anything can be entertaining to anyone of various ages.

Any plans for the cons, anyone?

Posted By: Sir Catherine

Posted On: Jun 8, 2006
Views: 2950
fan age and length

The poll results don't surprise me in the least. They reflect the fandom of the actual Hellsing manga/anime and what the manga/anime was aimed at.

Myself, I am 23 though friends, family and strangers have all told me I act more like thirty. I've been a fan for about three years now ever sence an anime fan friend bought the series and showed it to me. Can't be a fan unless you know the show! Otherwise I would have loved Integral just as much as I do now as early as middle school. Only back then my 'kick-but woman hero worship' cetered on Leia Organa. :P:)

Posted By: Rebecca

Posted On: Jun 4, 2006
Views: 3040
how i found hellsing

If it want for shine i would never have read hellsing so Thanks bunch for making it erin

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