UNILAG is the best University in Nigeria. Do you agree? [29 votes total]

Yes (16)
No (11)
Indifferent (2)

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Posted By: Sharon

Posted On: Jun 6, 2006
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You are soooo right Adegoke

From what I read on unilagfaces.com, the V.C. promised to support the efforts of these innovative students. I was actually expecting to see our him at the CTO cherring my collegues on. Well, maybe he is not too sure about UNILAG being the best University in Nigeria. Hmmm, on second thoughts, maybe there was a lot of traffic.

Posted By: Adegoke

Posted On: Jun 6, 2006
Views: 823
UNILAG !! Best In WHAT ?????

UNILAG !! Best In WHAT ?????
Cultism ? No, it can't be. Sports ? No, I think not. Academics ? I doubt. The Lecturers are probably busy chasing consultancy jobs on the streets of Lagos. Moral Uprightness, Dress Culture, Naaaahhhh, you may have to look elsewhere.

Best in What ? I still feel inclined to ask. Oh yes, I remember. It appears to be the first University to have a group of it's students get together to form an on-line company, IVEN, the owners of unilagfaces.com. Such is the potential of the company, till the legendary Jim Ovia, the CEO of the Nigerian Zenith Bank, was compelled to publicly identify with these group of students at the last US Embassy organised CTO (Computer and Telecommunications) exhibition.

Yes. On this basis and this alone, I adjudge UNILAG the "best" university in the whole wide world.

Posted By: Pearl

Posted On: Jun 5, 2006
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now Joy, be good. don't go getting a big head. u got that right though. by the way, i meant good about Unilag as a skol. Anyone brave enuf 2 take up d challenge

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