Relationship Poll
Would you date or marry a younger man? [16 votes total]

Yes, 1 year younger (0)
Yes, 2 years younger (3)
Yes, 5 years younger (5)
Yes, 10 years younger (4)
I wouldn't date/marry a younger man. (1)
Age difference doesn't matter (3)

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Posted By: Shelia

Posted On: Jun 13, 2006
Views: 573
responding to Sylvia

LOL Sylvia...yes, he definately has to be able to hold an intelligent conversation.

Posted By: Sylvia

Posted On: Jun 13, 2006
Views: 578
loving a youngin' --- lol

I dont go any further than 30 because of the maturity level and that I want to speak to someone that actually can read USA today without saying, "What does this word mean?" LOL.