Con plans
What do you do at cons? [1300 votes total]

Hang out at panels (191)
Buy stuff (266)
Hellsing cosplay (134)
Other anime cosplay (152)
Other cosplay (79)
Compete in the masquerade (47)
Stalk the special guests (105)
I AM a special guest. (16)
Run an artist/dealer table (29)
I've never been to a con. (281)

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Posted By: Syphon

Posted On: Jul 31, 2006
Views: 2586

Run table.....I did at a-kon this year, and it was pretty fun.

Stalking fans *is* fun. And w00t for Vic!

Posted By: Mo

Posted On: Jul 20, 2006
Views: 2612
I wouldn't say...

...stalking the special guests. Some people are relly huge fans of a certain voice actors. Like me and Vic.

Posted By: Sir Catherine

Posted On: Jul 5, 2006
Views: 2149
Bad Locals

Only one convention in all of Wisconsin and MN that I know of, and guess where I live. :( I think there is one in Iowa, but that's even further away for me than the one in Eau Clair. *sigh* Lucky east-coast peoples who can get to Otakon and thus show off pictures and have bragging rights to awsome costume sightings, guest speakers, merchandise finds and costume contest winnings.

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