Which would you rather?
pick one... [43 votes total]

Carjacked, left nude on West side (3)
Home invaded, smacked around, left duct-taped in basement (1)
Arrested, one night in Central Booking for asking directions (17)
Date-raped by Lamar Owens (2)
Six months as Bangladeshi peasant (11)
Incurable ass pimples (9)

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Posted By: Cybrarian

Posted On: Jul 25, 2006
Views: 1888
Exit Only

Y'all know they examine body cavities at Central Booking, right?

Posted By: Cybele

Posted On: Jul 25, 2006
Views: 1827
I vote to get it over with

I picked the home invasion. it's quick, homeowner's insurance should cover what gets stolen, and someone will find you and untie you eventually, right? Then again, there's always the chance you could be arrested for reporting said invasion, get date-raped in jail and then contract incurable ass pimples from the prison toilet seat.

Posted By: JB

Posted On: Jul 25, 2006
Views: 1828
great poll

You don't like ass pimples? But they are so much fun to pop with your teeth!

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