Would you buy Shine merchandise? [326 votes total]

Nope. Not interested. (34)
Nope. Don't have the money. (62)
Probably not. Unless it's really good. (46)
Maybe? (60)
Probably. Unless it really sucks. (55)
My wallet's already out. (41)
I have no opinion, but I'm voting! (28)

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Posted By: Deathchocobo

Posted On: Sep 6, 2006
Views: 2514

Have you considered making a fangirl/boy t-shirt where the front says "Eeeee!" and the back has the fanboy/girl flying by?

That was possibly my most favorite part in the fangirl SL

Posted By: Luiniliel

Posted On: Aug 13, 2006
Views: 2668

i looked at your store [four days ago, so i don't know if you updated..]

i've seen those fangirl/fanboy t's everywhere.

but, a t-shirt with the whole anatomy of a chibi fangirl/boy would be uber-cute, and yes! not copyrighted by someone else.

Posted By: Syphon

Posted On: Aug 12, 2006
Views: 1557
Possible idea

Would "This is how I flossmy teeth" and a picture of a fangirl/fanboy flossing like walter be considered violating trademark?

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