High school sports hazing
Is hazing among high school athletes a problem in Southeast Missouri? [93 votes total]

Yes, it's a problem that needs to be addressed (34)
No, it's just kids being kids (42)
Hazing? It doesn't even happen (17)

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Posted By: Nima

Posted On: Nov 26, 2020
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Posted By: disgusted

Posted On: Oct 9, 2007
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Concernedmom doesn't know what she is talking about and unfortunately it is that kind of talk that is tearing the community apart.
In order for semen to have been found, there would have had to be sexual assault and sodomizing, and that did not happen according to the prosecuting attorney in arkansas. Secondly, the things that happened at the camp were done prior to the middle of the week when they returned and not one student sought medical attention until after the sunday following that, a full 4 days later, which means no semen could have been found in 2 days!
It is the misinformed who keep the fire lit and has put neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend, teachers against students, etc.
Before speaking about the situation, please be sure you have FACTS and not innuendo and heresay from the rumor mill, because you are only making it worse.

Posted By: disgusted

Posted On: Oct 9, 2007
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The Ellsinore hazing incident has been blown out of proportion by individuals in the community that had absolutely nothing to do with any of the alleged victims or the alleged offenders.
Things happened at that camp that are dispicable and that cannot be taken back. This type of initiation should not have happened.
Many of the rumors running rampant in the community are false in regards to actual sodomizing, although there were acts where the privates of this ONE young man was visible and they were being used in a fashion in which he "swatted" at the boys' faces and/or heads. The alleged incidents' involving "items", in particular, were impossible to have taken place as rumored or else the boy or boys to which those acts were allegedly committed against would have required medical attention right away and they (the boys) would have been forced to find an adult at the college for help.
Only 1 boy is responsible for any of the lewd acts that took place, but with that said, this young man did have several helpers each and every time an act was committed. These helpers were friends of the alleged victims and victims themselves in some cases. Some of the helpers chose to help instead of becoming a victim.
Once these boys returned home, had it not been for a parent on the following sunday (they returned home on wednesday) finding a video on her son's cell phone of a couple of incidents, nothing would most likely have come from this as the boys were not telling. It appears they all made a pact on the bus ride home not to tell anyone.
ALL of the boys who were involved in any way at all should be punished, but the school has chosen only to punish a few. Many of the victims are also offenders yet they have not been punished. Hazing is defined as having knowledge of such acts in which you are as guilty as having committed the act, which would then lead to all on the school bus had knowledge and all who helped the older boy are ALL GUILTY! and so should be punished.

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