Preonauts Survey
How ready are you for the Palm Pre? [1964 votes total]

Already with Sprint - will buy Pre as soon as it becomes available (940)
Verizon - will switch to Sprint as soon as it become available (102)
AT&T - will switch to Sprint as soon as it become available (88)
Other carrier - will switch to Sprint as soon as it become available (28)
Will wait before moving to Sprint (45)
Will wait for GSM version of Palm Pre (6 months after launch) (246)
Will wait to buy more expensive Unlocked GSM Palm Pre (149)
Will never move to Sprint - will wait for my carrier to have Pre (301)
Will never buy Palm Pre (65)

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Posted By: Mukluk boots

Posted On: Nov 18, 2009
Views: 1044
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Posted By: Ken

Posted On: Apr 7, 2009
Views: 1570
Waiting on Palm Pre maybe!

I went to the sprint store to get my first blackberry and I heard about the palm pre so I did some research and yes it looks lovely. I won't wait more than a month if there is no date by mid May I will check out the BB. Funny thing is I saw a sprint commercial yesterday with a palm pre in it! Whats the deal, give us a date already!

Posted By: cowpen

Posted On: Feb 13, 2009
Views: 2644
Sprint exclusivity contract

Anyone know the duration of Palm's exclusivity contract with Sprint? I hope Sprint paid dearly for this because there's no question it will cost Palm millions in early sales.

I'm excited about the Pre, but really disappointed that I can't jump on it yet. My carrier is ATT and they're the only one with G3 coverage where I need it on a daily basis. Since they also partner with Apple, I suspect my only hope will be for an unlocked GSM version of the Pre.

My Treo650 is still kicking after almost 5 years. I just hope it lasts until I finally have a viable alternative.

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