This Week's PSB Survey
Based on your *present* circumstances -- such as (to take only a few examples) your financial situation, where you live, and whether you've ever seen them "live" before -- if you had to choose between buying tickets for and attending in-person a live Pet Shop Boys concert (a relatively expensive one-time experience) or buying a DVD/Blu-ray of the same show (much less expensive, and you could watch it as often as you like), which would you prefer? [365 votes total]

I would prefer the live show (290)
I would prefer the DVD/Blu-ray (75)

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Did I 168PorkchopkidJanuary 31st
Volume277londonnoiseJanuary 30th
Both294Taren CapelJanuary 29th
Do you recognize...9263Robert SchulzJanuary 28th
Experience2159Lucumu851January 28th
DVD6214JosieJanuary 28th
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