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"Being Boring" is one of themost highly regarded Pet Shop Boys songs among fans (if not *the* most highly regarded). Yet it somewhat "under-performed" as a single, reaching only #20 on the U.K. singles chart. Although there may be various reasons for this occurring, what one factor do you think *most* accounts for this relative lack of success as a single? [366 votes total]

It didn't sound very much like the Pet Shop Boys that people had come to know and expect. (92)
Its melody and/or arrangement didn't appeal to the singles-buying public. (83)
The Boys had come to the end of their "imperial phase" and an averse pop-culture reaction was setting in. The relatively poor charting of the song reflected this fact. (38)
Radio programmers didn't embrace it (for whatever reason). (37)
Its lyrics and subject matter didn't appeal to the singles-buying public. (32)
It was included on the already-released album "Behaviour," and people didn't want to buy a single that wasn't very different from the album version (just a shorter edit). (20)
For some other reason not listed here. (17)
It was poorly promoted and marketed. (17)
Although it's highly regarded by most fans, I'm not among them. I think it's highly over-rated, so its under-performance as a single doesn't surprise me one bit. (16)
Its video (with its flashes of nudity and few appearances by the Boys) didn't receive much airplay and/or didn't appeal to the public. (14)

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never liked the song, but being remixed was great159negative1March 1st
Warchild/DiscoVery Arrangement062BCMarch 1st
It's...4182Toaster in the BathFebruary 26th
Sales1122OnyaFebruary 26th
Being Boring1144londonnoiseFebruary 25th
Overrated2194Lucumu851February 25th
The TITLE...8254NeverMindtheScarsFebruary 25th
Lyrics and content1151GabbyFebruary 25th
Smash Hits2179PeterFebruary 25th
Behaviour as a whole4245Andy BFebruary 25th
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