Staring contest
What would make you stare the longest? [1487 votes total]

Seeing a big turtle driving a go-cart and cursing (265)
A bird digging a hole in concrete (73)
Seeing King Koopa headbutting a cardoor (52)
Bunny rabbit with two heads singing a duet (104)
A beaver shooting up out of the water and off into space (108)
Abe Lincoln and George Washington making out (240)
A big tidal wave heading out to sea (65)
A car packed with spiders swerving all over the road (86)
An elephant dancing inside a Gap (95)
Some little kid shotputting cars (137)
A melting tree (262)

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kid shotputting car0952hookaJan 9, 2003
Bunny Rabit w\ Two Haeds Singing Duet0925SKAHTJan 8, 2003
Forgot about Koopa?0896Ben ConradJan 8, 2003
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