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If you could meet J.K. Rowling, what would you say or ask? [5085 votes total]

"Oh my goodness--Mrs. Rowling! Mrs. Rowling! Can I live with you?!?!?" (642)
"Oh my--somebody get the camera, QUICK!!" (803)
"I'm your BIGGEST fan! And I know *everyone* tells you that already, but..." (779)
"Uhh..uhhh.." (339)
I wouldn't know what to say. (825)
I'd run away. (74)
Other (1623)

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Posted By: SAM_8

Posted On: Jun 5, 2004
Views: 922
harry and hermione!!!!

i want "hermione" for "harry" not for "ron"!!!! but in the story hermione is for ron it's ok. if harry and hermione is not for each other, maybe emma and daniel are for each other for me they are copatible they are soulmates!!!EMMA AND DANIEL 4EVER AND EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By: sarah

Posted On: Jun 2, 2004
Views: 1131
thats not fair

i wouldnt say write faster cause thats soooo cheaky i like to see u do better

Posted By: Summer

Posted On: Jun 1, 2004
Views: 1243
Daniel is MINE!

Ok people Daniel is mine and u people can have Rupert! Daniel is so hot and just keeps getting hotter! Now back off he is mine!

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