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Posted By: Borusa

Posted On: Feb 20, 2018
Views: 177

Farscape is one of those shows that gets off to a pretty good start but peters out somewhere near the middle.
The fourth season doesn't hold together very well, there are endless substitutions as actresses leave, are replaced then...

The peacekeeper wars just is disappointing .My biggest beef is the prolonged firefight with Dargo's 'heroic' sacrifice and we could have done without the saccharine ending.

Posted By: Britterz

Posted On: Oct 31, 2016
Views: 748

I was introduced to FarScape by my fiances friend. And we've had every season since we discovered it. And we would most certainly love more. We wanna see the how John and his family grew. And now its time to see how lil D has progressed and see his story. Plus I my self am sure that we all wanna know if Jack meets his grandson.!!!!

Posted By: peter

Posted On: Sep 19, 2010
Views: 7341
Farscape my favorite escape

When I first saw the box for Farscape I thought it looked like a bucket of Dren. Then I borrowed it off my friend and I haven't given it back. He gave me series two, three and four as well and I can tell you I am not going to give it back. Anyway he's left the country and I can't find him anyhow.

Anyway, this is the most enjoyable show I have ever watched. I like it so much I wave watched the whole series and the ending movies at least a dozen times over. I just can't get enough.

So I spent a few Krendar's on the Farscape Wars DVD and when it's finished episode one goes back into the DVD player and I start again. I just thoroughly enjoy immersing myself in the fantasy.

We all assume Ka D'Argo is dead. He may have survived. There were many episodes where possibilities were left open for future explorations.

Whereas I thought Mr. O'bannans Alien nation and Sea Quest are frelling pieces of hopeless dren, I am of the view Rockne O'Bannons Farscape is creative genius of the highest order. I wonder if he'll be able to match this level of mastery ever again. If he does I hope it is as good as Farscape.

I am stuck at home unable to work due to injury and illness such I am an invalid beneficiary. I thank Rockne, Ben, Claudia, Gigi, Anthony, Virginia, Lani, Wayne, Paul, Johnathan, David, Richard, Justin, Lily and Andrew for countless hours of enjoyment that fill my days with such fun and pleasure I'm sure I would be in fits of depression were it not for the exciting, humorous, thrilling episodes of Farscape.

"This is Farscape one, I am free and flying".


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