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Posted By: Slav

Posted On: Dec 31, 2018
Views: 518

I absolutely love farscape since I saw it when aired on our TV's. I would love and I do want to support a shooting it off again from the same creative team that made it maybe with different cast but all together keep the idea behind farscape and move it forward .


Posted On: Dec 18, 2018
Views: 524

...Ok,I have a lot to say!First,I frelling looove farscape! I have two collections of farscape! the ADV and starburst addition!1.The peace keeper wars I loved,but was very sad for me because it marked the ending of an acting crew that really bonded and loved what they were doing 2,because they didn't get to finish telling their story!3. We lost D'argo in the war! Which brings me to my next thing I want to say! How to bring Zhaan,D'argo back! First,Zhaanwas dispersed on the ship that crashed into Moya in the rough of the worm hole! Stark who left a message for Chricton found Zhaan on a planet to which she revived happy and healthy!She did a reconstructing of herself like Stark did when he was dispersed by the Placlavians! Stark helped her in this process on the planet with the deep dark powers that Aayran went to to find her father and the other Chricton!Every one on Moya was surprised and happy to find she was alive!-I would beg to ask,please see if Verginia Hey would play Zhaan! I'm hoping they had a more breathable safer make up to use! So she could play another 4-7 seasons! Next D'argo! Everyone thought he was dead to but found out that when they had to leave him behind,he killed all the scarrons and charids! Some Idolongs found him and got the blood to run clear,reconstructed his organs and he recovered! Zhaan gets to meet Nuranti and Jool!Jool andthe idolongs survived because when the scarrons bombed them the templed collapsed on them in away that it shielded them from the debris that fell! PLEASE try to use the same actors as before,I think it ruins it when they try to mess with the beloved characters by using different actors!Thers so much trouble that can happen! First the Nebari was not at the peace settlement with the peace keepers,scarron,luxans,and charods and idolongs so their still out there causing trouble!Chricton has at least 2 other children besides the one on the royal planet where he was to be a statue for 80 sycles!Ooooh there's a lot can go wrong!..WELL,THAT WAS FUN TO POST!LOL😁😁😁

Posted By: Borusa

Posted On: Feb 20, 2018
Views: 717

Farscape is one of those shows that gets off to a pretty good start but peters out somewhere near the middle.
The fourth season doesn't hold together very well, there are endless substitutions as actresses leave, are replaced then...

The peacekeeper wars just is disappointing .My biggest beef is the prolonged firefight with Dargo's 'heroic' sacrifice and we could have done without the saccharine ending.

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