This Week's PSB Survey
I recently heard an interview about how some artists are now seriously considering selling "stock" or "bonds" in their catalog (past and/or future work, sometimes including songwriting royalties), which allows people to "invest" in them, with the prospect of possible future earnings in the form of dividends. (David Bowie did this some years ago.) Like any investment, however, this is essentially a gamble on the investor's part as to whether he or she will earn more money from this than paid out for the investment. In short, would you be willing to "invest in PSB" if they were to offer shares for sale in their past and/or future catalog? Which of the following statements comes *closest* to expressing how you feel about this? [260 votes total]

No, even if I could afford it. (112)
Maybe, but it all depends on the terms and conditions. Like any investment, I would have to do my "due diligence" research first (such as by reading the prospectus). (43)
I might make a very small investment (if a very small one were permitted), but I certainly wouldn't invest very much. (33)
I probably couldn't afford it -- but if I could, I probably would. (26)
Yes, I probably would, assuming I could afford it (and I suspect I could). (25)
Yes, I would definitely invest as much as I could! (15)
I have a very different opinion from any of those expressed above. (6)
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