21. Rockies 07 Ballot - Round 4
21. Outstanding Male Vocals

Jeff D/The Last Dance
Swan/Led Zepagain**
Mandy Lion/WWIII
Trace/Trace Devai*
Robbie Hett/Resistance
James Gabriel/Crooked*
Happe Happenin Harry*******
Shawn Perry/Domination****
Jon MacKinder Band
Colby Veil/ Hollywood Roses
Ralph/Suicide Holiday*
Normal Mathew/Lylah
Gavin/Slaves to Insanity
Triston Jackson/Calvary*
Rev. Arturo Trujillo/Bourbon Saints
Dizzy Reed/Hookers & Blow*****
Results are now hIdden
Voting ends midnite Dec 2nd
Winners announced at show, Dec 6th
This ballot is only part of judges consideration