S/X & Violence Poll #8
If someone *coughwhowasnotuscough* were to run such a thing, what Spike/Xander-related writing activity would you be most interested in? We're gathering ideas, but not at this point able to commit to doing any of these things, in other words.
S/X Fic-a-thon (A story-exchange, where writers are randomly assigned to write an S/X story based on a limited number of specifications from another writer) (There's already been one of these, but for some, one might not be enough?)

S/X Round Robin (A group story where writers take turns continuing the plot)

S/X Awards (For already-existing stories, popular vote)

S/X Contest (Like the Wes Slash Contest, where stories are written and submitted specifically for the contest, with a panel of judges.)

S/X Feedback-a-thon (Like a ficathon, only players volunteer to write feedback for an S/X story from randomly assigned author, in exchange for feedback on their own S/X story or stories.)

S/X Challenge on a specific subject (Less structured than a fic-a-thon -- a challenge is issued to write, for instance "S/X stories set post Angel-the-series," with a deadline, then completed stories are posted in a central location)

None of the above. Something else. Which I will happily tell you all about in the comments area.