POLL: The War with Iraq
How will the situation with Iraq End?

The USA will back down or delay endlessly and there will be no war with Iraq.
Saddam Hussein will go into exile, a new government will take over exposing all of Saddamfs weapons and the plans for a war will be cancelled.
Saddam Hussein will be assassinated by one of his own people. The War will no longer be necessary.
The USA will attack Iraq but will be defeated and Saddam Hussein will remain in power for many years to come.
The USA will attack and defeat Iraq but will not take Baghdad and Saddam will remain in power as in the 1991 War.
The USA will defeat Iraq, establish a democratic government in Iraq, and withdraw after a brief occupation.
The USA will defeat Iraq and Iraq will be split up, with the Kurds getting the North and the Shiites getting the South. Iraq as we know it today will cease to exist.
The USA will take over and occupy Iraq for a long time, perhaps 10 to 50 years. The USA will establish a puppet government in Iraq and all of the oil wealth of Iraq will be available to the USA and its allies.

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