Looks like his calm is damaged...

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Jayne was the only one to see the foot coming...
Wash: So that's why the captain told me to keep my dinosaurs in the cockpit.
Adam: She's a threat to us on this set! Suuuummmmeeeerrrr!
Wash giggled to himself as another crewmember fell victim to his lever left in a dangerous position.
JAYNE: OK Mal you win, yours is biggerWASH (to self): Now I'm really glad he's Zoe's one she never slept with.
As Inara showed the crew Kaylee's "Companion makeover," Jayne was left speechless, Wash remembered he was married to a woman who could kill him with her pinky, and Simon fainted due to lack of blood to the head.
Jayne: Wadda ya mean, clean out the latrines with my face?!
JAYNE: All right! Everybody talking about sex -- in here! Everyone else -- OUT!
Adam: "We got a SEQUEL? WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!" *jumps around*Alan (thinking): "How am I gonna figure into this?"
Jayne: You dumb-ass hogs chiiict You dumb-ass hogs chiiict You dumb-ass hogs chiiict You dumb-ass hogs chiiict...Wash may be able to live with the fact that Jayne is a malfunctioning Love Bot.... But Who's?
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