Talk to the hand...the hand says BWAH

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"Sir, I don't think we can blame this one on the boogey."
GINA: You just shook hands with a Fox executive...NATHAN: I know, I know. Counting my fingers right now.
ZOE: You see, sir, I told you not to mess with kids anymore. They have GUNS now.
Mal: Zoe, I think I found a force...Zoe: (BONK) OW, my face!Mal:...field
Mal: ...and what does this make me?Zoe: A Big Damn Mime, sir???
Mal: These are not the browncoats you are looking for
MAL: Wish I could help ya, Zoe, but I'm drying my nails.
Mal: can you feel all that love Zoe? huh? Can ya? Its so warm and shiny.Zoe: Sir? have you been taking Rivers medication again? And why is Jayne talking to a horse?
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