Can i make a suggestion?

That involves voting for your fave THREE?

WASH:"Jayne,c'mon...You of all people have no business complaining about someone else doing something gross and disgusting in public--Mr."Smells like crotch"....You should see what I'm doing with my left hand right this minute."
NO! You got YOUR chocolate in MY peanut butter!
Alan: ... and then a spike comes in like this!
Wash: " the thing was in me, as you all know, but after i came to, i managed to free myself and patch it up using some dental floss, a 2 foot hot dog wiener, a funnel, and some toothpicks."
Wash (in a lovely, clear baritone):Spamalot! I know it sounds a bit bizarre...
Wash: So I can use my right!...or my left, as I'm doing now!...As I was saying this came in real handy around the time I was 12...*silence then Wash notices Kaylee's face and the faces of the other shipmates*...SOME PEOPLE JUGGLE GEESE!
Wash and Kaylee, in unison: Uh-oh!Jayne: Well, that's what you get. Another gosling all over the ceiling fan.
Wash: "And then the tall guy in all the black scuba gear was all like "I'm your dad, you know! Let's rule the galaxy as consuls!" And the guy with one hand was all like "NOOOOOOOOoooOOOoo!"etc...
Wash: But why is all the Blue Sun Rum gone?
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