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Posted By: tls

Posted On: Mar 24, 2003
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Served in Army

I served in the Army in peace time back in 1977 and was an airplane mechanic. If I was to do all over again, I'd be a doctor. While negotiations to a peaceful should be the first option, it doesn't always work. Gosh look at sibling Until the human race overcomes greed and ego, war, unfortunately, will continue to be part of this here human race.

Posted By: Kathryn

Posted On: Mar 25, 2003
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RE: RE: Served in Army

I agree. As long as their are people, there are going to be wars. That's just how it is.

I support this war by the way.

Posted By: SPC Nguyen

Posted On: Mar 30, 2003
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RE: Served in Army

HA HE! I'm going over to Iraq and gonna beat them bashtards to hell! Back in 1991 "Desert Storm" when I was in 4th grade, I told my teacher that I want to go over there to kick Saddam's arse....and now in 2003, I'm going. My unit will do some major damage towards Saddam's forces because they did it back in 91. HA HE! I'm with the 2nd Armor Cavalry Regiment! All I gotta say is De-mi and Boro-je-han-nam and shoot their sorry arse....which means...die and goto hell. LOL!