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Posted By: Tango Foxtrot

Posted On: Mar 26, 2003
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Night Vision!

How could a person not vote for "Secret mission recon with night vision"?

I mean, really! You get to use those coolio night vision goggles and whisper into walkie-talkies and say neato stuff like "alpha bravo tango charlie" and sneak around at night and spy on stuff. Plus, the everybody digs a secret agent man! (or woman...)

God bless our (and the British and Australian) soldiers, bring 'em home soon!

Posted By: YEAH!

Posted On: Mar 27, 2003
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RE: RE: Night Vision!


Posted By: Jen

Posted On: Apr 1, 2003
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RE: Night Vision!

Hahaha thats exactly what I thought!

Posted By: chris

Posted On: Apr 2, 2003
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RE: Night Vision!

night vision is neat, but it's hard to move around while you're wearing the googles. you have bad depth perception. try running round while looking thru the view finder of a camcorder, you'll get the picture. plus some of the sets have big blind spots. if you buy them, get a monocular (one lens) cuz the blind spot isn't so bad, or a scope if you plan on shooting.

NVG's are coolest when you have them and you're gonna do something bad to someone who doesn't have them. they stumble and grope around in the dark, and you think to yourself "they're in so much trouble right now."

one last really cool thing about NVG's is that you can see infrared light. infrared is invisible to people without NVG's. it's like having a magic flashlight (or targeting laser) that only you can see. army guys have infra red glowsticks (chemlights) that are neat to play with with NVG's. i think you can also see things like the beam on the tv remote, tho i've never had NVG's and a TV remote at the same time to test the theory.

Posted By: john

Posted On: Jun 6, 2005
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RE: Night Vision!

night vision is the best thing going the picture is sow clear once you have had a go then you will see the ture power of night vision gogs