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Posted By: patty

Posted On: Nov 28, 2004
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hooking up in bars

do you think this could lead to romance or am i dreaming. I didn't get laid but went down on the guy more than once. He told me I was obedient and submissive. I asked him was this a good thing? He didn't really have a reply. I gave him my number and he drove me home, and like the polite boy he was raised to be, he did not drive away untile I was savely in my house. That was the wednsday, the eve of thanksgiving. He hasn't called me yet. Do you think I have a chance or not? It is now Sunday. Should I move on. Oh I forgot one thing. He kind of hitted I could meet him Wednsday night,that't the night he usually out with the guys: if I didn't make a habit of it. Do you think he's intrested.

Posted By: elle

Posted On: Aug 30, 2006
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RE: hooking up in bars

no, he is not. Guys do not like obedient and submissive women. It makes the situation too easy and predictable for them. If you ever see him again you should really try to shake it up a bit. Still, be yourself, just don't censor what you have to say and stop yourself from doing what you want to do.