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Posted By: PITA

Posted On: Jun 18, 2003
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naked guys

What about ugly fat naked guy...that guy is kick ass. If you're just a naked guy, I suggest gaining 200lbs and getting all ugly and stuff. Use your new body to bring joy to the world.

Posted By: lily

Posted On: Jun 18, 2003
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RE: naked guys

pita, i must agree. they should be hairy too. that is always a nice little bonus. my favorite is when they keep on one accessory. like a neck tie or their shoes. KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE-EVERYONE GET NAKED!!

Posted By: Woody

Posted On: Jun 19, 2003
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RE: RE: naked guys

Hey, went to a Cubs game with my son a couple years back. Started raining in the first inning. Naked guy got on the field, and entertained the crowd. Naked guy is always faster than security, so there were a few exciting moments before the game was called and Naked guy went to the pokey.