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Posted By: susie

Posted On: Jul 7, 2003
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dog grooming - ya!!

Hi! I'm a dog groomer!6 people want my job!! Cool.
Just to warn you, it's not all cute puppies and whatever.
It's a hairy job, man.
I consider myself a dog wrestler. Man, you take a matted, ****ed-off poodle who wants to bite your face off... it's like the WWF without the fancy leotard.
And the cats... it's wild... hissy and ****y...
But if you don't mind getting pooped on, this is for you!!
But don't get me wrong I love my job. The complete sense of satifaction when you take a messy, smelly, dirty dog and transform it into a thing of pure, sweet-smelling beauty... it's awesome!!

P.S. Todd Rocks!

Posted By: Trisha

Posted On: Jul 7, 2003
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RE: RE: dog grooming - ya!!

I agree! I'm a dog groomer too. Hmm...wonder why no one wants our job... lol. It's definetly not a job for the average joe. Oh, and we should definetly change our job's name to Dog Wrestler! It fits perfectly! :-)

Posted By: Curious

Posted On: Jul 8, 2003
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RE: dog grooming - ya!!

I always wondered how you guys did it. My puppy HATED going to the groomers, but when we picked her up she was so cool with you guys, giving kisses etc......... but extremely excited I was there to bring her home!

Posted By: Mr. Poodles

Posted On: Jul 9, 2003
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RE: dog grooming - ya!!

Dogs are best with stir-fried vegetables over white rice.