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Posted By: McScrubs

Posted On: Jul 13, 2003
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Scariest scene (not included on the poll)

I dunno - I guess I like scary movies that screw around with my head more the the dice-em-up artery spewers.

The entire movie "The Others" was freakin' scary. I didn't sleep for 3 days after that movie. Classically suspenseful and genuinely creepy.

Posted By: sam

Posted On: Jul 14, 2003
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RE: Scariest scene (not included on the poll)

I agree completley. Scary movies that arent based on dismembering all characters are more enjoyable and usually more witty. Some are included in the poll: blair witch, poltergiest and the ring to name a few. But the Others was a great scary movie. I saw it in the theatre and it really affected me for a couple of days.

Posted By: Sarah

Posted On: Jul 14, 2003
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RE: Scariest scene (not included on the poll)

One movie that freaked the shiznit out of me was Requiem for a Dream...oh my freaking god. Movies about psychological freakyness are the scariest to me...The Cell is another creepy movie. Well I thought so...

Posted By: J-town

Posted On: Jul 15, 2003
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RE: Scariest scene (not included on the poll)

Requiem for a Dream is the single most intense movie I've ever seen. When they are giving the "just say no" speeches to the Jr. High kids, it should be required veiwing. Hell, at least it would make a few of them stop and think about their addictions. They needed this kind of movie for the elementary kids in Plano, TX a few year back. What's scary about it is the realism. Drugs can easily become a downward spiral if you live your life through them. The entire movie starts spinning out of control, and you find yourself gripping your seat for the last 20 minutes.

"Fit to work"

Posted By: Susan

Posted On: Jul 15, 2003
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RE: Scariest scene (not included on the poll)

Yes, the movies without a graphic murder scene every 15 minutes are the best. The original version of The Haunting (of Hill House) was delightfully creepy and no special effects either.
I thought Prophesy - the one about the bear mutated by the mercury dumped by a logging company was unforgettable. The bear was huge and fetal looking, just hideous. It tracks these people across a lake, just walking across the bottom after them. Then at the end the survivers (okay there are a couple graphic scenes) are flying over the forest in a helicopter and it rears up and roars.

Posted By: Big Red

Posted On: Jul 16, 2003
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RE: Scariest scene (not included on the poll)

any scene out of "Arachnophobia" would have sufficed....

Posted By: rigmus

Posted On: Jul 17, 2003
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RE: Scariest scene (not included on the poll)

well im partly arachnophobic, so that movie freaked me out... those little spiders that jump around and fly at you face...yeah arachnophobia was a freaky movie for people that aren't exactly spider-inclined...but then again i saw eight-legged freaks and i laughed so hard i almost ****ed myself. the scene where that spider and teh cat are fighting in the dry wall...omg so funny

Posted By: Sunwolf Enemy

Posted On: Jan 19, 2004
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RE: Scariest scene (not included on the poll)

The Others would have been an acceptably scary movie were it not for Nicole Kidman. Her character, and her portrayal of that character, was the most annoying I've ever encountered in any genre of any medium ever. I can't remember ever having encountered a story in which I was begging for the main protagonist to die more than this movie. To this day I can't watch a movie in which Kidman plays any significant role and enjoy it.