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Posted By: Flower Goddess

Posted On: Jul 14, 2003
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Night of the Living Dead...

The old black and white version up on the big screen. Had me scared for months! My ex would hide on the side of the fridge and reach out an arm at me. One reason why he is an ex now ;-)

Posted By: Daisy

Posted On: Jul 15, 2003
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RE: Night of the Living Dead...

"He's coming to get you Barbara...."

Then the brother gets it...another creepy movie is Rosemary's baby. The old woman in that is the worst...that scene where they're sitting down to dinner...the way she chews is so f'd up. The music in that is eery too, "What have they done to its eyes!"

Posted By: Curious

Posted On: Jul 15, 2003
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RE: Night of the Living Dead...

I remember years ago I was babysitting my younger brother and sister for the evening while my parents were out doing whatever. We had watched "Poltergeist" that afternoon..........

Anyway my sister (we didn't get along) went to the washroom, I listened till she was "busy" and turned out the lights on her, held the door shut and started calling out in creepy old man voice "Carolanne......... Carolanne....."

If she had not *just* gone, she would have ****ed herself she was so scared..... myself and my brother were laughing our asses off in the hallway....... it was quite a while before I was allowed to babysit her again :)