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Posted By: Nik Ashmost

Posted On: Jul 15, 2003
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Ghosts of Mars

Ok, it maybe wasn't scary, but I was horrified by the link of two things in "Ghosts of Mars".....The basis of the movie is that there's this mining crew on Mars, they open some ancient door, & bam, old spirits are possessing people.

Scary, Appalling part...Upon realizing that the "ghosts" causing all the death & such are actually the old, original inhabitants of Mars, this military lady says, "well it's not theirs anymore!, were here now" or something blunt to that effect (fuzzy memory) Then, in the credits, they THANK the Native Americans who's land the movie was filmed on. Hello? it a slap in the face of Native Americans to shoot a movie on their land that is basically about taking land from original inhabitants on the basis of "too bad, we're here now." ? (can we say, remember the westward expansion of America and what it caused to the indiginous people?)

And the truly odd part....there's a credit given to "Monkey Overlord" buried deep in the credits. Can't remember the name of him either. But what exactly IS a monkey overlord and what do they do on movie sets? There were NO monkeys in the movie, and the credit was listed with Gaffers & such, not cast.