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Posted By: luckyweather

Posted On: Jul 15, 2003
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Exorcist III

It was a very lame movie, but had two good scares:

--when the demon-thing was crawling on the ceiling
--and that super long shot of a nurse making her rounds way down at the other end of a hospital hallway and after an extreme amount of time, this tall, black robed and hooded creature with two long knives over held over it's head busts out of a door behind the nurse and follows her into a room.

Creeped me out for ages!

Posted By: Horror fan

Posted On: Jul 18, 2003
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RE: RE: Exorcist III

It was actually draped in a sheet and the two long knives were a giant, scissor-like surgical instrument for cutting bones. Cut her damn head off, he did. That was one of my fave/scariest scenes too!!

Posted By: Melissa

Posted On: Oct 29, 2004
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RE: Exorcist III

The robed demon with the surgical equipment - that scared the crap out of me....

One other things creeps me out - the sick sister in Pet Semetary - the one who keeps crying Raaaccheeaaall..... Gross!!!